From family to family she'd been bought and sold
Probably started when she was not very old
Although she had always remained at one yard
Her lot in life had been quite hard
Bough to jump and jump she did
What more could a pony give
She got them money, prizes galore
But luckily she did not know what was in store
As she got lame and her back got sore
Her owners could not take much more
Due to be shot one weekend
The yard owner called a friend
My sister to the rescue came
And said, "She needs rest she's only lame"
Time and turnout will bring her round
So to me she came, and she did get sound
Never had she been so free to roam
Never had she such an easy home
So good was she it was hard to believe
That her one eye, for two, could see
People came to stare at the empty space
But soon got drawn by the beautiful face
The shine, the mane, the coat that glowed
The beauty from within purely showed
To ride her was an amazing feel
One of speed, and accuracy, power and zeal
She loved the free and easy rides
With friends lined up on either side
A happy pony for two short years
Until a terrible untimely accident appeared
She entered the yard but all was not well
Her leg was broken I could tell
She bravely found her gelding proud
Who nuzzled her till the end
I'm sorry for those who will ride her no more
This is why I always implore
Look after them like a chest of treasure
The memories they give are beyond all measure

Bye Bye Taz

Bridge Farm Riding School